Rosseyanka leaf deformation

creekweb(6,7)May 29, 2013

Each year my Rosseyanka persimmon trees exhibit a condition where all the leaves growing on the first 6 - 9 inches or so on all present year growth are stunted and wavy and the blossoms that appear among these affected leaves never develop fruit and eventually drop off. Production has been close to nothing. Leaves coming off past the involved section are normal and the trees overall have remained vigorous.I have about a dozen trees grafted from scionwood from 2 different sources and all are affected. None of my other variety persimmons show any sign of this process. Has anyone who grows Rosseyanka seen this problem on their trees? I don't know what to think,,,,maybe viral? I'm losing patience with this variety.

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Mine's only in 2nd season, but I can't say I've noticed anything like this or anything out of ordinary on my Rosseyenka,

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I got my Rossyanka from Cliff at England Orchard four year ago, so far I did not have any problem with leaves dropping off. I will keep an eye on it. Let me know if you want to try my scionwood at your place next year to test it out.


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This is not a disease but a feature of this variety. Rosseyanka is the only true hybrid with 50:50 ratio of each species. Since the american and asian persimmon are not very cross compatible this first direct hybrid although vigorous shows some genetic instability. It may be simplified but I am not going into meiosis thing as I am not an expert in plant genetics.

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Harbin, do you grow this variety and have you seen this phenomenon that I've described? If so, do the trees that you've seen with distorted leaves eventually become productive? I had condidered an explanation along the lines of what you say, but I'm puzzled as to why others are not reporting this far from subtle observation.

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2nd year in ground for me and i have noticed the young weak wavy leaves on both my trees. they seem to advance past it last year and seem to be this year as well. Both my trees from Just Fruits & Exotics

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Creekweb, yes I am growing Rosseyanka and made the same observation as you and others did. The trees will grow out of it as the season progresses and set flowers and fruits on the section with ordinary leaves.

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Hmm. Have had it growing here since about 1998 - and had not noticed an issue - but after seeing this, as I passed by it today while mowing the orchard, I noticed that yes, most of the leaves are somewhat curled/crinkled/deformed. Looks OK otherwise.

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