blueberries dry up

billy-o(5)May 17, 2013

A few of my blueberries have dried up, turned purplish and fall off. Had same problem last year. Does anyone know what this is? I'll try to get picture. Is this normal maybe if there are too many on the tree?

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Hello billy-o,
A few of mine do that as they're changing from flower.It's probably okay as long as the whole bush isn't affected. Brady

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It could be lack of pollination. Do you have another variety for pollination? What are your varieties?

Usually blueberries set so much that it's best if a few, or a lot, fall off. So it's about how many are left not how many fall off.

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Thanks, I have several varieties. The ones falling off are pretty old (10 - 15 years maybe) and don't know the type, only charesterics. The younger ones are Elizabeth, ka- bluey,Berkeley, Elliot, blue crop, reka, and northland. Only characteristic I can think of the ones falling off is its a high bush and it doesn't make many new shoots but tasty fruit.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)


Keep your bush young by taking out old canes an old cane is one has fruited for four years are more that you had good harvest from this young up bush look.

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