Chester vs. Triple Crown Blackberry

drewbym(MO6B)May 17, 2013

So, I have both Chester and Triple Crown Blackberry plants planted. I planted them last Spring so this is the first year I'll get fruit. They have grown very nicely and quickly filled up the trellis.

I've read that Triple Crown ripens first by a couple of weeks. However, my Chester has been in bloom for about 4-5 days now while the Triple crown is just starting to show signs of the flower buds developing. Logic would suggest that the Chester would fruit first then.

Am I wrong? Those who have both, does the Chester blossom first but fruit second?

Thank you.

PS. Every variety I have has blossomed before the Triple Crown except the Doyle. (Ouchita, Apache, Arapaho, Navaho, Black Satin, Boysenberry, Loganberry, wild dewberries, etc).

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I LOVE THe Chester. They survived up here in NW ontario with no die back. Last year (second year), they produced 12 foot canes and took over the entire 12x 8 area. The thing out competed yarrow!

I cant give any comparison about flower time up here, but I can say the Chester started to flower in june all the way to the end of july. I never topped the canes, so there werent too many laterals to fruit on.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Time of bloom, regarding different varieties, has nothing to do with harvest dates. I used to grow Arapaho which bloomed later and ripened earlier than my other blackberries.

Same thing with peaches. Some peaches bloom early (like Autumnstar) but are the latest to ripen.

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Chester will definitely fruit a bit later than your TC. Same thing going on up here in my 6a. Chesters are getting ready to bloom where as my TC are just now starting to get in full swing. The TC's are always the slowest to get going in the spring out of all my varietes. They are right next to my Prime-ark variety and those are in full swing with pink flowers breaking open.

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Thanks for the info, folks.

I gathered four new facts:

1) Chester is really hardy
2) Bloom time doesn't necessarily determine ripening time
3) Chester does bloom before TC
4) TC does fruit before Chester

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Thank you twrosz for the information.........rcj123

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