Hard Nectarines

az_pamperedchef(9)May 28, 2012

What would be causing my nectarines to remain hard and not grow more than a ping pong ball. The tree is about 8 years old and aside from its first year it had not set any fruit. I was very excited this year to have about 30 nectarines, but they don't appear to be growing further. They are smooth skinned, green and hard. Any ideas from the experts?

This is the tree before the leaves fully filled in and blossoms set.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Nectarines, like most stone fruit, go through a stage where they seem to just set there and do nothing. This is called pit hardening. The seed is developing but not the flesh. Then after a while the flesh starts to expand so the fruit gets larger and starts to change color. The fruit is ripe when the flesh begins to soften. That can occur as late as September for some of mine.

So be patient, you may have a late ripening variety.

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Thanks for your response, Fruitnut. My main concern is that they will fry in our upcoming HOT weather. In our area, most peaches and apricots have already ripened and are almost completely gone!

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