new peach tree

oneshotvethMay 23, 2013

I got a self-polinating peach tree a month or so ago, it seems to be doing good, the peaches have started to grow. I was wondering if someone could tell me if I should/have to fertilize it, and with what, and how. I'm just starting to learn about gardening so go easy.

Also, I'm in Northeastern Massachusetts, anyone know off hand what zone that is?



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Northeastern MA should be zone 6 since i live near Boston and am a 6

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I have a Nectarine and use 10-10-10 in early April and then again in May and that's it. Brady

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If you are on the north shore, you are on 6b, a little inland, Essex, Middlesex, you'll be in 6a.

I am near Worcester and still in 6a. I've found that growing peach is not as easy as apple or pear.

Fertilizing your new tree is not necessary. If you want to, just use compost.

This is your first year, what important is learning to recognize insects and diseases that could damage peach tree and/or the fruit. If you google "gardenweb, peach problems", you will have many posts you can read up to get yourself ready for next year.

Peach grows fast. Some can flowers and fruit in the second year after planting.

It's also important that you grow peach that will survive in your zone. Don't think that when you buy it from Lowe's, Home Depot or a local nursery, you'll get the peach that grow well in your zone. It's not a guarantee. I learned it the hard way when my peach was dead from winter kill.

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