Lots of blueberries on my Reka

riverman1May 18, 2013

Fellow BB growers,

This is the nicest plant I have and as you can see has lots of berries. This plant is starting its 4th year. I love Reka, such an easy variety to grow and big producer. My other plants all have berries but overall I think they are down about 50% this year because of several frosts. The Reka escaped the frost because it happened to bloom early during a warm cycle.


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Ya riverman,that thing is loaded!and Reka usually is quite leafy,so they should be sweet. Brady

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Looking good RM, looks like some of those limbs are gona need some support when they start to ripen. My Emerarld was loaded down like that this spring and went from a 6ft tall plant to a 4ft tall plant as every limb was doubled over. Your fixing to start picking and Im pretty much done down here. Keep up the good work.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

Impressive! I can see why you recommended Reka to other growers, RM.

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Do you have to net your blues to keep the birds out of them? That sure is a nice heavy set.

My blues are very close to blooming and it looks like this will be a very good year. As usual though, all of the stems that were above the snow depth winter killed. I have to use short varieties to get any crop.

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I usually don't net and just accept that the birds get some of them. I tried netting in the past and it was such a nuisance I gave up.


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