bare root strawberry plants

leemom8(6)May 6, 2012

I ordered bare root strawberry plants, that arrived about 3 weeks ago, w/o instructions. I am quite green when it comes to strawberries, so 2 questions:

1) I was planning to plant them this week, so was reading up, and see I did much wrong, already... should have planted in April or at least should have refrigerated the plants. I didn't. So, at this point, should I give it a whirl, soak them, and plant them anyway, hoping for the best while expecting little? I planned to clip the buds anyway, for a better harvest next year. Or, should I chuck 'em, and try again in the fall?

2) I am planting in plastic bucket containers with good drainage. What medium should I use? Good screened mix topsoil with some sand and peat moss? Something else?

I know to dump the soil I used for tomatoes and peppers last year.

thanks for all positive input.

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May as well try and plant them, you'll probably have some survive. I couldn't resist clearance bare root strawberries from the grocery store, and I'm having a 50% success rate with those (that have been sitting on a shelf for weeks). If you're planting in a container, always use potting mix. Garden soil compacts too much, from the constant watering. If they ate junebearing strawberries, by all means take off this years flowers. Overwinter the containers in the garage, perhaps, since the roots of plants are less hardy than other parts. If the strawberries are day-neutral or everbearing, just remove the flowers for a month or so, you can let them get a few berries at least. Good luck!

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