Watermelons Wilting?

james1235(3b)May 26, 2013

Hi, I planted a few watermelon plants outside around 2 weeks ago, they were doing fine indoor, but now they are starting to die, and they haven't had any growth since the transplant. I transplanted them from peat pots to the outdoors, and the variety of seeds is Early Canada Improved.

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Your ground looks dry, and melons don't much like transplanting at all.

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Some of our starts did that too.They were either Squash or Watermelon and a Rhubarb.
A nursery person told me it may be that they need to harden off a little by bringing them outside and giving them partial sun/shade for awhile.
She said most windows now have UV treatments on them and the full sun may be too much for the little ones.
Another possibility is a late frost,which could have occurred to my plants. Brady

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Melons seedlings have delicate roots and can be more difficult to transplant than other vegetables. Success requires either luck or experience combined with a light touch.

Did you pull the melon plants out of the peat pot, or did you plant the peat pot and the plant into the ground?

Your soil looks a bit cloddy and coarse for vegetable seedlings.

Did you have a cover crop? Looks like a lot of stray roots or something laying about, like the remains of a worked-in cover crop.

Edit: The gradual hardening off mentioned above can be important; how much time passed from indoors to in the ground for your plants?

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thanks for the feedback, it turned out they had root rot!!!

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