apple drop

dahlia6(6)May 31, 2012

I think we have experienced apple drop this season. We are located in western Maryland near Catoctin Mountains.

What can we do to prevent this problem?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Allot of apples are naturally thinning themselves and normal, this what's happening?

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No, this is unusual. We have had a small orchard for years.
We had read that there is a mite that is causing apple drop in New York. Do you know anything about that?

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Hello, I wonder if anyone has found a solution for the fruit drop problem with Mcintoshes? My problem is exactly as described in an older thread, all the apples drop off well before they are ripe, every year. They have started dropping this week. I am in northwest Oregon, a little west of the huge apple growing region in central Washington, and thought it's wetter and cooler I know apples do well here if they are looked after.

I have tried about everything I can think of to treat the tree but I have got zero results. None of the direct remedies seem to apply to apples dropping this early, and I haven't done anything other than treating the tree right for 4 years now. I have 2 other mature trees within 50 feet (Granny Smith and Gravenstien) and several 8 year old trees a few hundred feet away. None have ever had the problem so early or dropped more than a fraction of their fruit. No stress that I can point to, the other trees show no signs of stress, no damage except for some old woodpecker workings like the other two (that seems to have had no effect and it's old damage).

It was overgrown like any neglected tree 8 years ago and I cut the tree back to a picture perfect umbrella shape over 4 years. I prune in late winter/early spring, use dormant spray and spray for scab etc. 2 or 3 times before the fruit sets (they are super clean, insect free, except for a touch of scab on interior fruits). We have excellent pollination (we keep Mason bees) I have thinned them back to a couple apples per cluster and last year maybe 100 for the whole tree (it's at least 30 years old) for 2 years now. The fruit all drops by mid-summer, in fact it has just started dropping this week (it's June 22nd). No weird weather, nothing I can point to, but as the person in the older thread said, every single fruit drops not even close to being ripe.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Infested with something? Perhaps apple maggot.

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No like I said there is nothing wrong with the fruit or the tree.

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