Part of Prelude raspberry plant chopped down by mower

neptune24May 15, 2012

At the end of March, I planted 3 Prelude raspberry canes. They were all doing well. Today, however, someone else in the household who was mowing the grass was careless and did some damage to one of the plants, even though it was clearly marked with a red flag. The cane was about a foot or so tall, and a few inches of growth were coming from the roots (but there was no growth from the cane). He chopped off a lot of the cane, so that there are only a few inches left, and instead of being vertical, the now-small cane is leaning at about a 45-degree angle. He also chopped off some of the small growth coming from the bottom so that it's only about an inch high now.

The plant is not dead or anything, and I definitely think it will survive. But how much long-term damage has been done, if any? Would it have borne fruit this year anyway? If so, will that change now? As I mentioned, the only growth was coming out of the roots, and it wasn't that tall yet, so I'm hoping the damage was minimal. Does chopping down part of the cane make much difference if none of the growth was coming from there anyway?

Thanks for any info.

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It will be fine. No, it would not have born fruit this year, fruit is born on second year canes. Primocanes will arise from the crown of the plant, even if the original cane has been whacked. In fact, I have a three year old bed, I'd let get out of control a year ago and had my husband drive the belly mower over the whole shebang to about 8". The second year canes sprouted from this laterally and are in bloom now, and the primocanes burst up around the old crowns and next year, it'll be awesome.

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Shouldn't hurt them at all. Might set it back a bit for the first foliage growth but you don't want it to fruit this year anyway. It is possible that the plant will flower and try to bear fruit in its first year in the ground. It happened the first year I planted raspberries. If this does happen, peel off all of the flowers to help promote root growth and let the plants establish themselves. In the fall, let the careless mower have their way and mow them down. They will sucker the second year and bring you lots of enjoyable fruit if you keep the weeds away.

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Thanks for the good news, calliope and Mr.Pickle. :)

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