Mystery Cherry Tree Pest

santamonicagardenerMay 31, 2013

I have found these "worms" eating lacy holes in my first year Royal Lee and Minnie Royal cherry trees. Can anyone help me to identify. They are from 1/8th to over 1/2 inch long, dark and wet looking , like a slug, but move in an inch worm motion when disturbed.
I am in So Cal, and I have never seen these things on any other plants in my garden, and they are not on the plum or peach trees, just the two cherries. HMMM?

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Sawfly larva.

Note that this same type of insect larva was pictured on the forum on May 25 eating quince leaves.

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That's probably an Arion ater slug.

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Arion ater slug more likely to be found on the ground, becomes very large; sawfly larva are commonly found in trees, stay small.

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