Right Time to Pick Bananas?

billbrandi(9)May 5, 2007

I have 6 banana plants in my yard, of which 3 appear to be ready to flower. I hae heard several different takes on when to pick; (1) right away when the fruit is developed, (2) after the fruit has hung for 4-6 months and, (3) various times inb between. Can anyone help here? When to cut the bunch from the plant?



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You can test pick one banana at a time. On my Brazilian plant the bananas were inedible until they started feeling soft. It took probably six months for them to get like that. In the tropics it is much faster, and in fact they pick them while they are still green, if they wait for them to turn yellow the monkeys get them.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

When the 1st banana (fruit, not the flower) is visible, write the date on the side of the stalk. At 6 months, if they have not changed color, pick the top hand and let it ripen on your counter. If they are fine, pick a hand a week (or however frequently suits your consumption) and this will extend your harvest. After your first cycle, with each variety, you will have a better idea of each one's characteristics. http://webebananas.com

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