Type of watermelon

GreenieLisaMay 22, 2013

Can someone help me identify what type of watermelon I am growing...Thanks...:-)

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It looks like 90% of the watermelons out there. If it were any other color or pattern, it might be easier. I'm no expert though, but I doubt even an expert could really identify it. You can't even tell what color the flesh will be from that picture.

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While it's nearly impossible to be definite with so many varieties out there, I'd say it is of the Crimson Sweet type.

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Yes, I agree with brookw, Crimson Sweet does look like that, and it is a very popular (and desirable) one. A few others I know of that can look similar at that stage are: Kolb's Gem, Georgia Rattlesnake, Daisy, and Orangeglo, but none of these are too common.

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Does this pic help?

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