Does anyone else trim ends off grape clusters?

2010champsbcsMay 23, 2014

Over the last 3 years I noticed that the grapes on the end of the cluster ripen later than the other part. I went out this morning and trimmed about 1/3 off each. What is your opinions on this. All replys are welcome, even the critical ones.

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I was taught to trim the tips off all my grape clusters.
I know it is beneficial to how they ripen on the vine somehow.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It varies with cultivar. Flame has a very long cluster and is sort of hour glass shape. I trim off a large amount there, 40-50%. Summer Royal isn't as badly shaped and gets a smaller trimming. Princess only on a few clusters and crimson none.

The other reason is that some of those tip berries never ripen properly, less color and sour.

Instead of thinning off so many clusters I now leave more clusters that are trimmed.

On a few clusters I even trim off the tips of the upper "arms" of the cluster. Anywhere there's a concentration of berries on the end of a long arm.

I'm not sure if this will open up tight clusters or make the remaining cluster tighter. I'm hoping it will have no effect or open. I've only done tip pruning a couple yrs and on an intermittent basis so still learning.

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I watched carefully as the clusters bloomed this season, and also noticed that the end sections was the last to flower. So I'm guessing this has some bearing on the ripe date. My vineyard consist of one Mars almost seedless grape. I would like to add one or two more when I feel like I can do a good job taking care of the plants. Thanks for your guidance and to others that would like to to add to what has already been posted. Bill

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