Tru-Gold peach

curtis(5)May 7, 2014

This peach grows true from seed. After seeing some mentions of that I did some google work and found the patent info on it at the time, and that is correct.

A friend has this tree and when I tried peaches right off the tree I thought they were just OK. however a day on the counter and I rated them much higher.

Here is my question, with another tree like 50-75' away what are the chances of the tree being pollinated by itself vs the neighboring tree? Or in other words the odds of the seeds being true Tru-gold? and in general what do others think of this peach?

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Tomatoes can be cross pollinated, but many times the flower is fertilized by itself before it even opens. A similar process may be going on with this peach. So even if bees bring pollen over, it doesn't matter embryo is already started.Tomatoes and peppers do not need bees at all.

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Here is the info I found on it.

this is an excerpt from the link underneath: 1) Release of 'TruGold' peach. Peach trees are currently propagated on rootstocks. This is a labor intensive and expensive process. We have developed a peach that comes true from seed and therefore does not require a rootstock. 'TruGold' peach is a high quality dessert peach that is productive and late blooming to avoid spring frosts. It represents a new technology for nursery production of peach varieties. 'TruGold' is currently licensed for sale by a commercial nursery. This aligns with National Program 301 (Plant Genetic Resources, Genomics, and Genetic Improvement), Component 3: Genetic Improvement of Crops, Problem Statement

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