Garden Delight Dwarf Nectarine

blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)May 17, 2012

I just got a Garden Delight Dwarf Nectarine. Its a cool looking little tree with thick green foliage. I think it is a true dwarf? Anyways, has anyone had any experience with this tree?

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No experience yet... I also got two of these a few weeks back. It is a genetic dwarf, and very ornamental. Mine already had a few nectarines on them too. Flavor is supposed to be excellent.

There are a couple of genetic dwarf peach trees at a local business here that are always so beautiful to look at. They never get any care whatsoever, are about 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide, and are always covered in big blossoms each spring. This year they set loads of fruit.

I posted without reply not too long ago about my idea of having a whole orchard of genetic dwarf peaches/nectarines, as they would be super easy to protect during late frosts (certainly not a concern where you are but pretty much everywhere else), are very productive and don't need nearly as much pruning and care as others. Plus they are so beautiful in bloom and in leaf.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

Yeah I like the look of it and it was the only one on the lot and everyone seemed to be passing it by and I could not figure out why no one even stopped to look at it.

I heard it has nice pink or double pink flowers? I love the fact that it is a true dwarf! You can tell by looking at it and how stubby it is. I can fit it right next to my front door as if to say "Here have a nectarine"...Lol

The thing is we only got less than 450 chill hours around here and the nursery (La Verne north of Los Angeles) said it requires 500 or less chill hours. So I figured "What the heck" If it doesnt flower I still love the look of the thick green foliage! Cant wait for the fruit though(If I ever get any):-)

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I grew this variety for @ 10 years and kept it about 7 feet. I thought it was pretty good until I tasted Honey Royale and Honey Blaze. I pulled it out and put the honey series in the ground. I have had rot problems with the Honey series since and will pull them up this winter.

I never had any disease issues with it, but it bloomed before Christmas every year and had many fruit by January. Very heavy bearer, but I would not rate the taste as excellent compared to some of the others. But it is small and no spray needed. I would eat them before fully ripe (sweet/tart).

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I too like the idea of the dwarf varities. I grow my stone fruit in containers and like the idea of shorter trees. I have always assumed that they must not have the quality that more standard varieties have. Hey Kingwood if you see this I am trying the Honey Nectarines in Dallas and I have fruit this year. It looks like they will be ripening really soon. When were yours ripe? I know the date will be a little diffrent for Dallas but at least it will give me something to go off of. I am hoping we will stay dry enough to not worry about rot issues. I know we dont have near the humidity that Houston has nor the rain fall. The last few years have been really dry so hopefully I will be able to have success long term.


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Wow kingwood, what a different climate you're in compared to one state over! I wonder how that affects the taste of the different varieties as well. I know I've heard that Bonanza peach is nearly tasteless unless grown in a hot, dry climate. The Elberta peaches I grow here are still better than anything I can find in the market, even though these days the variety is thought of as only good for canning.

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