Papaya seedlings...... What now?

dheaneyMay 14, 2012

I planted these seeds in my yard in Florida (zone 10). The pictures show two separate groups. They are now seedlings and I need to know what to do next. Should I prune some of the smaller seedlings and then let the others grow more? I would like atleast one female and one male, if possible a hermaphrodite but I know you need flowers to tell which is which. HELP PLEASE!!!! Pics to follow.

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i'd thin them down to about 6 plants at each spot.

you can do a search about papaya flowers. i believe male only trees will bloom first. sending out a long inflo. the female and herm trees will have a single flower per leaf.

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Definitely err on the side of more seedlings, as long as they're not totally crowded... I found a high rate of seedling mortality due to damping off and other causes. This was in a pot, but still I only have one surviving three years later from a bunch of seedlings like in your pic. Might be better to seed a short row or scatter seeds in a slightly larger area in your case.

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