Bench Grafting Sour Cherries, What would you do?

jagchaser(5A NE, -15-115f may frost)May 10, 2013

I have 10 Krymsk 5 and 25 Mahaleb Rootstocks that I whip grafted montmorency and a few evans onto.

Krymsk got grafted and planted outside in a wind protected spot, on 4-6 right before that cold snap. NONE of them look like they took. Rootstocks themselves have leafed and look good.

Mahaleb got grafted on 4-13 and planted in a bucket which I have been taking in and out every day and covering when the humidity is low. It looks like about half of them took. A few have buds that show leaves starting to emerge, most of the other good ones just show green buds. The rootstocks themselves are leafed out already.

My scion wood leftovers are still in the fridge and most of them have good shiny green buds on them now. They are the smaller pieces and would not line up with the rootstock. They make work for side grafting.

What would you do? Wait longer? Scrap the bad scions and redo the grafts? Make the scion wood leaf out and do a chip graft?

Im not sure what to do, when to do it, or why, so I would sure appreciate some points.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

I grafted 5 cherry trees last year and they all took. Just remember to rub off all the shoots below the union so the sap flow only to the scionwoods. Good luck.


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