A tale of two 'cados

serge94501May 29, 2014

I bought 2 trees at the same time from the same nursery and put them in the same kind of box container. They were both doing OK until maybe a month ago when one of them started going south. I think the guy is going to die unless I can figure out what the problem is and turn things around. They've been getting the same sun, water, fertilizer, etc.

Here they are side by side. Any ideas? I'd hate to lose this Lamb Haas :S

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How tight is that nursery tape? Are you checking for moisture content before watering? Is it the same variety of avocado? Is the graft section healthy?

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Avo trees often lose most of their old leaves this time of year...and can look very rough. It is not unusual. Some trees that are "identical" may not do it at the same time. Weird...I know. You may notice a push of new growth very soon. I would definitely whitewash branches...to prevent sun damage. I think you might be good....

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The nursery tape was pretty tight. I clipped it off and replaced it with something soft and loose.

I should have posted a close-up: some of the branches are turning black from the tips and dying - that's got me the most worried.

If it came back next year that would be great.

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