Southern Highbush Blueberry Seeds

julia.scheidtJune 7, 2014


I'm from Brazil and blueberry plants are difficult to find here. I looked for them in all the local nurseries but no one has them. Then I tried to export the plants from the USA, but the Brazilian customs requires them to be in-vitro.

So the only way for me to get my blueberries is to grow them from seeds. I know it's the most difficult way, but it's my only option now.

So, I would like to know if any of you have southern highbush plants in your gardens and could extract some seeds and sell them to me.

I need varieties that grow in USDA zone 10 and have low chill hours, like Sunshine Blue, Sharpblue, Jewel, Emerald, Snowchaser, Biloxi, Bountiful Blue, etc.

If you have any of the above varieties and would like to sell the seeds, please contact me.

Thank you!

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I'm not sure if the seeds you plant will grow true if you plant them but I can try and find you some in July but they will be wild Southern Highbush and I have to be lucky to find them with dried blueberries on the bush. Birds here like them very much:

Most 'Southern High Bush Blueberries' from the nurseries are a hybrid between 'Southern Highbush' and 'Northern Highbush'. I will check to see if my mom's ever set any blueberries this year and if so pick you a few.

I will also visit the nearby nursery and ask if I can get any blueberries off his bushes. He sells many pints every summer.

Have you heard of B & T World Seeds?

The have seeds for the 'Northern Highbush Blueberry' corymbosum&sref=27195

which is more or less what the Highbush Blueberries in the nurseries have written on the Species label so they probably grow in Brazil.

If you have trouble ordering let me know & I can order some in July and sent to you.

I have some of these in my yard I can see if any berries are left:

that came from the wild in Zone 6b USA that are sometimes cross bred with the Northern Highbush Blueberries. The seeds of these can also be bought at B & T: angustifolium&sref=450548

All Blueberry seeds by B & T:

Here is a link that might be useful: Nothern Highbush Blueberry Seeds

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AgroCoders, thank you for your reply!

I just looked the website that you mentioned, B&T Seeds, but they only have Northern Highbush and Lowbush blueberry seeds. Both won't grow in my area because they need too much cold to bear fruit, and my winters are too mild... I need southern highbush that requires few chill hours, like the ones grown in Florida and California.

So I think that among the varieties that you mentioned, the only one that would grow here is the wild southern blueberry Vaccinium Darrowii. If you get some of this, or any other southern highbush, let me know. ;-)

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I know where of only one wild southern highbush blueberry(Vaccinium Darrowii) is in all of the state of Kentucky. It is 12 foot tall and has not many blueberries, at least that I can see being so tall. I don't even think anybody else has noticed it except wild animals.

If it had any berries this year I will find out and pick some and let you know.

I will also visit the man that has the nursery. I bet his blueberries also would do good in Brazil as they are in a flat hot field. They are some type of hybrid.

I will check by the end of the 1st week of July and let you know.


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@AgroCoders, Thank you very much! :-)

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I just wanted to chime in to say good luck! I tried and failed to start my blueberries from seed. They germinated, but the delicate little sprouts were easily burned away by too much light. Also, some molded on me. It seems that success would require the *perfect* amount of light and *perfect* amount of moisture.

Let us know how it goes!

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I will visit the man with the bushes today or tomorrow.

I would recommend starting them in a 6" - 1' tray of peat moss on at the edge of the woods outdoors and to make sure the peat moss stays damp. Cover with leaf mold or very good composted leafs.

If you can't do that try starting by keeping them in the coolest and shadiest room in your dwelling and when you go to bed put them in the refrigerator over night and take out in the morning. Continue until the seedlings reach 1/2" - 1" inch.

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I have 3 blueberries from an over 15 year old southern high bush. It's survived transplants, full sun, heavy shade, no weeding or mulching, no fertilizer, -15 Fahrenheit, +100 Fahrenheit, too much rain, droughts and so on.

But after searching it doesn't look like I can legally send seeds:


I'd order frozen blueberries as food and extract the seeds if I were you. The blueberries I picked are full of small brown seeds.


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I believe you're describing Vaccinium arboreum,aka farkleberry/sparkleberry, or tree blueberry. V.darrowii doesn't get that tall.
V.arboreum is fairly common throughout the forest here in western KY, as it was in my native AL. Sparse fruit production - but they are usually an understory tree/shrub - small fruits that are somewhat dry and seedy, much later ripening than any of the cultivated varieties.

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ok, thank you guys for taking the time to answer this post ;-)

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I don't know exactly what you mean by in-vitro but if it includes tissue culture and soil-less media, this source may be the ticket. I have bought a few blueberries and a number of grapes from them and happily will again.

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