Now I know how hard it is to garden in Texas

melikeeatplantsJune 17, 2012

104 at my place in San Jose today. So many fried leaves, wilted plants. Thankfully this doesn't happen often here in Nor Cal.

I wonder how you guys do it in Texas. I was in Austin one summer for a month and it was at least 95 each day I was there.

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It sucks! I am from San Diego, so this is a real learning experience. I shade my vegetables and sometimes it works. In south TX (I am 100 miles south of Austin), it can make a large difference. Even planted sweet potatoes in partial shade, If it's a real blister--like last year--little helps. Fruit trees gotta be really tough, My latest plan is to try anti-transpirant, though I am hesitant. On the bright side, every success is a true thrill!

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The toughest months are July, Aug and Sept. You just got to plant some heat loving veggies in June like beans, okra and sweetpotatoe. You can for get about tomatoes untill Oct. If you can keep the tomatoe plant alive through the summer you can get a second crop Oct/Nov. With plenty of water and mulch fruits and veggies thrive. I find I have more problems with bugs than the heat most years but I think the heat is harder on the gardener than the plants.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Last year some places in TX had more than 100 days at or above 100F, yikes!!! Here at 4500ft elevation only 3 days. Just north of here in Midland-Odessa at 3000ft about 65 days. But even here with a total 2 inches rain for the year it was tough sledding. If you have good soil and plenty of water most plants can stand the heat. Without those factors it's tough.

This year is much better so far, 3.5 inches rain already. But 6 hails along with that, only one with real damage. It took out about 2/3 of my watermelon that were small and set. More are setting now so it's OK.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

I can't imagine the heat. My bro worked in houston and is now up in dallas. Some say people get used to it. And no rain? You know...desertification is at y'alls doorstep! I'd expire as well as perspire!
Real friendly people though.
Everybody will be up at the great lakes in 50years, trying to extend their 'straws'.

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