My Southern high bush âSharpblueâ Blueberry not growing.

itheweathermanJune 26, 2013

My Southern high bush âÂÂSharpblueâ Blueberry not growing.

I bought this bush from a big box store about a year ago. At that time, it was about þ foot tall, it had beautiful foliage, and it even produced about 4 blueberries. Then this winter when it went into dormancy my dog snapped about 90% of the plant. Spring came and it started to produce two shoots they grew well, but then it stopped growing.

I water it every two to three days; when I planted it I used organic matter; and it gets morning sun and afternoon shade.

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One of my Sharpblues died over winter from being too wet. The other 2 made it and I let them dry out considerably before watering this spring. Get a moisture meter for 10 bucks and just make sure it's not staying too wet. I'm a newbie at this but so far i've learned the hard way that it is easy for blues to get too wet especially with the peat and compost in my mix that retains water.
Hopefully somone more experienced will chime in.

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That plant looks sick to me. Do you know the Ph of your soil? What kind of organic material did you use? Ph of your water? They are very easy to grow with the right water and soil Ph. Almost every problem associated with Blues is one or the other.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

That looks to be growing in ground. If so, that won't work in the high desert of CA because the soil pH is too high. You need to pot it up next winter. In the mean time study about pH and growing blueberries in pots. There are past posts here by the hundreds.

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It's definitely a soil/water pH-related iron deficiency. Try potting it in a mix of 1/2 peat, 1/2 pine mulch and adding vinegar to your water and/or using rain water. If you're more daring, dilute sulphuric acid also works. If your native pH is much higher than 7, it's virtually impossible to get the soil acid enough for blues and keep there.

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