Fish fertilizer for blueberries?

dirtslinger2(6)June 16, 2012

My new highbush blueberries planted last fall are in a peaty/clay mix with pine needle mulch.

They are a bit yellow with some bordering orange, and figure a light fertilizer application would be of benefit before the mulch breaks down enough to add anything.

They leafed out, some producing berries, but very little growth.

How about half or even whole strength Alaska fish fert?

Or would granular "fruit tree and berry food" (4.10.10?) be ok?


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Hi dirtslinger2,
Here is a link to a recipe that might be better than Alaska Fish.It uses a cold processed fish instead of the heat treatment,preserving more of the beneficial stuff.With the addition of the kelp,it is even better.
4-10-10 seems a little low in nitrogen.Something with a 3-1-2 ratio should work better.
Pine needles are not really much benefit.Try mulching with Pine bark. Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: Fish Fertilizer Recipe

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What's wrong with pine needles as mulch?

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I have been using a modified mix from the link Brady posted. I use a tablespoon of kelp (bottle says seaweed)and a tablespoon of alaska fish in 2 gallons of water every few weeks. I have only been using this on my younger plants, older plants getting ammonium sulf.


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There isn't anything wrong with using Pine needles as mulch,but the notion that as they break down,the soil becomes more acidic is unfounded.Pine bark mulch is acidic. Brady

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