Help! Previous owner planted same variety apple trees.

SunbakerJune 17, 2014

I need to figure out what pollinator to use. They are forming fruits, but not many. I suspect they may drop. All I know is when they bloom, which is in early May. They both bloomed at the same time, and both have immature fruits that look identical. Thoughts?

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If they have immature fruits, that is a good sign.

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Do you know for sure that they are the same variety? Blooming at the same time is not a clear indicator. Many apple fruitlets look the same to me.

Even if your apple trees are the same variety, it's not quite hopeless yet. If there are crab apples or other apple trees in your neighborhood, those will cross pollinate your apple trees with the help of pollinators (bees and insects).

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Graft on a few new varieties, its not hard and cheap insurance. Find out someone local with a variety of trees and in the late winter, ask if you can harvest some scion wood

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My apples are just getting old enough to consistently bloom. I won't likely keep records until next spring. But you need an apple variety that blooms at the same time. A crab apple is an excellent pollinator due to their extended bloom period of weeks. I'm just not sure what crabapple would be a good choice FOR YOUR AREA? Hopefully if two were planted by the prior owner, they are known cross pollinators.

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Or wait a few weeks. If the apples are still there you obviously have pollinators and pollenizers.

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