newly planted blueberry question

MeanNgreenJune 3, 2014

I planted some already fruiting rabbiteye bushes. Have about 40 unripe and a few ripe. Should I keep them on or prune them off so bush can focus on rooting well? Or does it even matter
Ok thanks! I'm gonna repost with pictures.

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I usually pinch the blooms on mine, so the plant can put more energy into growth the first couple of years. Once they have fruited, I don't know if its too late or not?? I am sure someone more qualified can answer!

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1st year to me plants, regardless on how old they are, I like to pinch 100% of the flowers off the 1st season to allow proper root establishment.

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Do you know how old the bushes are? 40 berries per plant, or 40 in total across several plants?

If the plants are an older, larger plants, and the roots remained largely intact when transplanting, it may be ok to leave the berries on.

If it is a smaller/younger plant, and/or the roots were pruned or highly disturbed, perhaps you should consider removing some of the unripe berries. A few berries likely won't make a significant difference, but if there was much stress involved in transplanting, then its probably safer to minimize additional energy being directed into reproduction.

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