Do Chicago-Hardy Fig Trees Need Winterizing?

OmniJune 14, 2012

I live in central NJ.

I would like to know if Chicago Hardy Fig trees need to be winterized in my area (covered in burlap, etc.) or will I be able to just leave it out without any cover during the winter months? I've been finding mixed answers to this question, so I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you!

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I would also like to add that I'm looking to buy the Stark Bro's CH Fig Tree, if that is any useful info.

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I know someone near Phili that has 8 foot figs. I dont remember if he experiences die back.

Generally, figs are reportedly hardy to around zone 4 or 5 (the roots), but the tops can be damaged at -10C IIR. I do believe Chicaco Hardy, is a bit hardier then the general Fig.

I would wrap the trunk and give the roots a good multch just to be safe. The good thing is, im 99% sure they are root hardy there, so if they do die back to a point, theyll come back from the roots (with proper planting).

Im trying to over winter some in zone 4 :D

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

You probably couldn't go wrong giving it additional protection, but a lot it comes down to the local site conditions.

Is the tree protected from winds (mostly from the north and west)?

Is the tree near the house, a wall that will act as a heat sink?

My understanding is that the wind is the real killer. Wind protection is more important than temperature.

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You defintely need to winterized the tree, thickly mulch the root and bury the branches if you want fruits every year. I have Chicago Hardy grow in 5B in ground. The practice here I saw is to bury the branches under at least 12-16" mulch/straw to safely over winter. In 6B , you may not need this thick mulch, but climate changes, who knows this coming winter is milder or colder. You don't want take chances with your investment.

Reward is great...It grows much better than in the pot. It has little figs pop up on the branches already.

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Thank you guys!
My whole backyard is fenced by a 6 feet tall fence. The fig tree I'm planning on growing will be about 12 feet away from a peach tree and will be near the house.
And how do you exactly "bury" the branches? Do you pull and bend the tree over to one side and tie it down? are fig trees pliable?

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I don't ever winterized my HC as well as other figs I grow. They get a lot of dieback in their first year, but grow back fast and starting from year two barely have any dieback for me.

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espor(z5 PA)

I planted a Chicago Hardy last year. I planted it next to the house on the west side. It gets lots of sun and grew a little last year (no figs). I put a couple of inches of shredded leaves over the roots for the winter but that was it. We had a very mild winter and it made it through without any dieback. In fact it had its very first fig on the old growth! Now it is growing a lot and everywhere there is a leaf there is a fig. It's at least 4' tall and growing.

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