rootstock as a pollinator?

osagebowJune 4, 2013

I have a 2 yr. m111 with a failed graft. I have enough trees going in various age groups, so it is not really needed for fruit.
If i just let the m111 grow in the nearby woods as a "wild" tree, could it be an effective pollinator?
What would the flowering time and fruit be like on the resulting tree ?


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If you have several other apple trees you probably don't need a pollinator that will probably be slow to start flowering and almost certainly have fruit inferior to just about any named fruiting variety.

If you are managing your other trees for pests and disease, and you have this one off to the side unmanaged, it will serve as a reservoir for those.

If you want a good pollinator, why not plant it as planned and then graft it over to one of the crabs with superior fruit?

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