poor fruit set on 'Glenora' grape

kokopelli5aJune 15, 2012

Any thoughts on why my fruit set would be so bad? bunches were plenty, but with poor fruit set.

1. Vine is very happy--grows vigorously.

2. Vine is mature--7 years or so, and a full crop two years ago (freeze-out last year).

3. Grapes not really popular around here--I doubt there are serious pests. At least I don't notice any.

4. Fairly conservative with the fertilizer--kind of a light spadefull of cottonseed meal every year.

5. Modest pruning. pruned the vine back to six feet or so

6. No strange weather whatsoever during bloom. (if you could call what grapes do a bloom).

Any help you could give would be much appreciated.

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I am not sure what you mean by fruit set. Do you mean the clusters are there but they are oddly shaped or few berries within the clusters? Some images would help. FYI - grapes do bloom. They follow the same pattern as other fruits. You may have disease, which is a factor of climate and not a factor of how many vines are locally found.

Many pests are equal opportunity feeders and can ruin many plants. One such possible is the Rose Chafer. Are you in the midwest? I am not familiar with this pest myself but its supposed to be found in the midwest and affects a number of plants. Its one example of the fact that you dont need mass grape vine plantings to have pests.

If possible, an image would help.


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How about the pollinating insects in your area. Bees, wasps etc. They are great pollinators, but some areas are having major bee collapses. This is only one thing that can lead to poor fruit set on grapes. If that is a problem try using a feather duster, lightly dust over the flowers, job done.

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