Avocado tree problems

equusursusJune 19, 2012

I bought a Mexicola avocado (dwarf??) a year ago this month. The tree is 6' now and has put on 5 new branches up top only. No buds on trunk produced branches. This spring (in May) it bloomed and put on SMALL new leaves, smaller than those that fell off or blew off over wintering in the garage at night and outside in sunshine during the day as long as it was over 45F. Problems: All the flowers dried up and fell off, almost all of the branches, old and new had the tops die off. The wind is incessant here and many new small leaves are shredded. The branches and upper trunk are mottling with shades of darker and lighter avocado green (lower half of tree is white washed. Tree is in 24" clay pot. Any suggestions on how to keep this alive. I have moved the tree between the house and garage facing south/southwest, with sun for 10+ hours a day. This is least windy spot on the ranch but I could move it under mature trees if it needs shade. Thanks for any hints or directions. Be well.

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