Need fruit tree disease ID help, please! (Pics)

superpoutyduck(9a)June 3, 2013

I've got two trees that I'm not sure what is going on with. I have approximately 60 stone fruit, and none of my other trees have any of the same symptoms. I'm located in Northern California.

Tree 1:
Tree one is a nectarine. The leaves are all light green, and the leaves towards the end of each branch have red spots. 99% sure it's not peach leaf curl, as it's only the leaves at the end of the branches with the spots, and all of the leaves are light green. One picture shows how light green it is compared to the tree next to it. This tree also has a large crack in the trunk, and did not bloom at all, which seems really really odd. Nutrient deficiency?

Tree 2
My beloved Tasty Rich Aprium that I just got this year. This tree will be near impossible for me to replace if it needs to go. But, if I gotta pull it, I gotta pull it. I'm thinking it has bacterial canker, which from what I've read, isn't really treatable on a tree this size. All of my other first year trees are thriving and have branched out. This one has dying leaves, oozing black spots, and is just generally unhealthy. Please advise.

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What's the name of the Nectarine?I have a Fantasia that,other than a little PLC,has light colored leaves like that.I think some varieties just do.Unless they were darker in previous years,then it may have a problem.
I'm not sure what the other problems are. Brady

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I too would like to know what the disease is in your last picture, as I have that on my Italian plum. I'm thinking I just might have to saw off two branches. Is this what bacterial canker looks like? Thanks, Mrs G

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The nectarine is a Freckle Face. Mrs G, I'm pretty sure it is bacterial canker, but I'd like a confirmation from one of the pros before I junk the tree.

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econ0003(10a CA / 8b CA)

I am not a pro but the nectarine looks like nitrogen deficiency to me. I get it on some of my peach/nectarine trees every spring.

The split on the nectarine trunk may be southwest injury or the tree trunk naturally expanding. If the crack is facing south or southwest I would paint the trunk white with diluted indoor latex paint.

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I think it may be nitrogen deficiency as well. Waiting on one of the pros (olpea, fruitnut, hman, Scott, et al) to confirm/deny :)

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My nectarine seedling had red leaves too, therefore, I fertilized it with Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer 7-4-2, I believe...a week later the red spots faded away.

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Anyone up for an ID on the second tree?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

First tree IS PLC. Minorly affected. And some nitrogen deficiency. Fertilize and spray more during the dormant season. One of my nectarines, 'Desert Delight' does this, despite getting sprayed. It often misses the last spraying, as it breaks bud first of all my stone fruits. Not sure about the large split down the trunk - could be due to irregular watering, could be disease related. Tree 2: Not sure that's bacterial canker. Water, fertilize with a higher nitrogen fertilizer and mulch under the tree (keeping the mulch away from the trunk of course). Let's see if we can save the tree, first. Send your photos to your local Master Gardeners or extension office, and let's see what they have to say. Keep us posted.

Patty S.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


Your nectarine tree has N deficiency (see link below).

I'm not sure what is wrong w/ your apricot, but I wouldn't cut it down. If it were me I'd top dress it with a little N. Make sure it gets adequate, but not too much, water. Leave the black spot alone. If you can get the apricot to start growing properly, it should callus over the dead tissue of the black spot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peach Nutrition-Clemson

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Thanks so much! Will keep you updated.

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