Do Stanley plums sucker badly?

texasjg(6)June 18, 2012

I'm considering planting a Stanley plum. I've read about some people who have bad suckering problems with plums and wondered if this variety has that issue. I'm in central New Mexico and this is a recommended variety here due to late bloom, hardiness, and self pollination. Thanks so much.

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alan haigh

I think it's mostly a question of the rootstock not the plum variety and myrobalan is the most common plum rootstock and can sucker a lot. Stanley is not the most vigorous plum so this might escalate the problem a notch. In any case, suckering isn't that big of a deal in most situations and will probably be the least of your worries in trying to grow E.plums in Texas.

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Thanks, Harvestman. I'm actually in central New Mexico, despite my handle ;-) Would you recommend a different variety? Zone 6, must have late bloom due to late frosts, self pollinizer, hardy, heat and drought tolerant. There are lots of well established stone fruit trees in town, so if I get the right variety, it ought to do well.

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alan haigh

I'm not the best person to recommend varieties for NM- I know the northeast. What's your elevation?

I'd think New Mexico would be a good site compared to TX (less humidity) but I'd grow something like Empress there. Better quality and it does equally well in the northeast as in CA so it probably is pretty good where you are. I don't know if it's self fertile though. I think Castleton is and is a perfect shaped home orchard tree as grown on Myro. It's naturally pretty dwarf and a consistent cropper. But as I say, my experience is in the northeast. Maybe you should post another message asking about best E plums for New Mexico.

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Good idea, thanks :)

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