care of strawberry plants

gardeningmomma1June 24, 2012

I have two questions about caring for my strawberry plants. I have Chandler variety plants in a raised bed and a few in flower boxes. I live in zone 8a and planted them in March of this year.

First, someone at my local nursery mentioned that I will need to shade the plants to protect them from the heat over the summer and take the containers in during part of the day. (it consistently gets above 100 degrees in July and August here). Do I need to do this? I have looked around online and have been unable to find any information about this (ie how much shade for how long and at what temperatures?)

Second, the plants in the containers are starting to become pale in color. Other than the color, they look healthy. The plants in the raised beds look great. What does the change in color mean? What, if anything, should I do about it?

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I think your nursery gave good advice. Yellowing and not wilting, could mean too wet or a drainage problem. It could also mean you have not been fertilizing as required in a container. If you are thinking of providing shade cloth you will need at least 50% fabric rating. Al

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