Triple Crown blackberries not leafing out

dbarnett(Z9/Z10)June 20, 2012

My second year canes have some growth but not every leaf bud has opened. I would say that only a third of the leaf buds have opened and the ones that did are flowering and setting fruit. My thorned varieties look great. (Marionberries and Boysenberries) The triple crowns seem to be half awake. See the link below. According to some information that was provided for my area, I received about 550 chill hours. The plants have been in the ground for 11 months so they are juveniles. I am seeing some nice thick primocanes for next year.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I forgot to add that you can click on the picture to enlarge the photo for more detail.

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Perhaps you have more than one triple crown plant, as I see more than one plant with intermittent leaves on 2nd-year laterals.

My guess is the plants are not mature enough to support that many feet of laterals and are protesting.

I wouldn't worry unless the pattern repeats next year.
If you have multiple triple crowns, try keeping this year's laterals on one to 8 feet and let the other one go; compare next year's results.

Nice-looking berry patch you have.

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