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TassyAlJune 10, 2014

Hi there - Two kiwi Fruit questions!

When does everyone harvest their Kiwi in Tasmania? I have never been able to pin down the right time! I have just done it this year, timing it with the foilage dying off.

Last year, after pruning, one of the prunings was poked into the ground by one of the kids. Lo and behold, it GREW! Can someone tell me if this is a viable way to make more kiwi fruit vines or must they be grafted? I told someone who is now keen to get some from me, but I dont want them to invest in vines that will take a year or so to prove useless!

Appreciate any help =)


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


I don't know the answers to your questions as my fuzzy kiwi, 4th leaf, haven't fruited yet. I do know that they are sometimes harvested and stored in the fridge for months before ripening. You might try that if they aren't ripening properly now.

Thanks for posting and I hope someone else will answer your questions.

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Kiwi vines are generally grown from cuttings (i.e. on their own roots), so a pruned piece that rooted is no different than what you'd buy.

As to harvest time, if they're not ripe (i.e. if they don't taste good yet) when your first hard freeze is coming in the fall, I'd harvest them all then, store them in the fridge, and pull them out over the next few months to ripen. This last winter I enjoyed (fuzzy) kiwis through til about four to four and a half months after harvest

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