Will Fuyu ripen in coastal CT?

alan haighJune 5, 2012

I have a client in coastal CT (a couple miles inland) with a recently installed Fuyu persimmon. Does anyone one know if the season is long enough there to ripen this variety? I was under the impression that this was not a good northern variety because of late ripening.

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Fuyu has become somewhat of a generic name for a group of varieties of nonastringent persimmons, more so commercially for the fruit but also for the trees. To make matters more confusing there were more than one variety of persimmon named Fuyu initially imported into the US, and there are several bud sports propagated since which have different ripening times. So that being the case, it may be difficult to accurately predict when your client's persimmon will ripen. I can say that my Fuyu tree that I obtained from Womack nursery ripens before Hachiya and after Sheng and I would think would ripen most years in coastal CT.

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