edible passion fruit?

fensterJune 23, 2012

We have a couple passion fruit vines growing in our yard producing these darkish orange fruit. I've heard mention that they might not be the "edible type" but I haven't found further information online about what kinds of passion fruit are edible or not, or may be toxic for that matter.

Most passion fruit I've seen, seem to be purplish in colour. Does anyone have experience with these oblong, orange passion fruits? I haven't actually tried one yet.



Here is a link that might be useful: another picture of our passion fruit vine

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More then likely P edulis - the one used for passionfruits. If you can take a pic of the flower, thats the best way to ID these guys

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Edulis doesn't make orange fruits, they all turn from green to purple....

Ask they guys on this forum w/pics. They will know:


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i don't have any pictures of flowers from our vine, but they look exactly like the ones in this picture i found online.

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thank you melikeeatplants. i've determined from tropical fruit forum that it's most likely Passiflora caerulea, which is edible, but not particularly tasty.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I am in CA too, our passion fruit does the green to purple fruit with much larger leaves.

They sprout really easy from seeds, not sure what yours tastes like, ours makes some fine jelly!

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