plum disease question

alan haighJune 30, 2013

We've had very tropical weather with lots of rain last three weeks. Seems to have defeated the magic of my Earli-magic plum tree. Looks like most plums are heading to early rot.

Nothing below the surface and the malady isn't affecting nearby J. plum varieties. Anyone know what this is?

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Could be early stages of brown rot/black rot.

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alan haigh

Could be, but I've never seen it here like that. The brown rot has always come later- plus the tree was sprayed with Indar 3 weeks ago. I will put some Indar on the tree when I get a chance to try to rescue some of the crop.

I've never gotten black rot on plums so I don't know how it would look.

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Could be injury, birds pecking?

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alan haigh

I don't think it is animal or insect injury, haven't seen anything in the tree and I have plenty of other plums including a couple of methelys which ripen at about same time that have no similar damage.

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sure looks like some type of fungal disease to me.

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