Botrytis on strawberries

2ajsmamaJune 15, 2013

What to do at this late date? I've been picking for a week, still have green berries but after rain 4 out of past 5 days yesterday I found a green berry infected and a mummy berry (that I tried not to spread but no luck, spores coming off as soon as I touched it). Is there a way to save the harvest this/next week and then just deal with it at renovation? Even something drastic like thinning out foliage/plants would be acceptable, rather than losing the entire crop.

Today will be sunny and low 70's but we're expecting some showers tomorrow, next week (so far) forecast to be just 20% chance of precip each day.

ltilton - I had standing water in the lawn too, berries are planted at top of stone wall so not mushy there but mushrooms coming up in the berry patch (and the veggie garden and everywhere).

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At this stage, I just carry 2 buckets when I pick - one for the good berries, one for the infected ones, to get them out of the patch before they develop spores.

It's probably too late now to spray.

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Yeah, I figured it was too late to spray, but wondered if thinning the plants (pulling diseased leaves and fruit) would help to get rid of infected plants as well as get more air circulation? Or just keep picking and thin when I renovate?

Darn, market starts Wed too...

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