Grapevine spacing

cookie8(zone 5 ON)June 12, 2014

My husband put in six grapevines and they are probably 2-3 feet apart. I am reading that 5-6 feet is preferable. He says it is for privacy so it will not matter. I am thinking we are going to get a very ugly mess in a couple of years. Should I just move them. Thanks.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

If you want fruit the wider spacing would be better. They can be grown like other fruits at a close spacing but pruning, spraying, and disease issues will be intense. I won't try 2-3ft in a humid climate if primary goal is fruit production.

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cookie8(zone 5 ON)

Thanks. I know he gets all excited when it starts bearing fruit so I am guessing that production and privacy are both an issue. I think one vine alone can provide a fair amount of privacy in due time. I didn't even think of disease.

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I have 5 grapevines. Spacing will depend a bit on variety
vigor and pruning method. I raise mine using the 4 arm
kniffen system. My concord are spaced 8' apart and do grow together over the season. I prune them hard to about
50 buds each spring on the 4 arms.

I planted Canadice at 8' apart even though I heard this variety lacked vigor. Great table grape but it never filled in the space allotted. If I ever plant Canadice again, I would space at 6' apart.

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Can anyone point me to information on planting/pruning/training grapevines for privacy AND production?
The low wires that I've mostly seen aren't going to provide much privacy, but I thought that was necessary to get fruit. If they'll work as a privacy screen, that may open up some new possibilities for grapes in my future!

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