How long for strawberries to ripen?

2ajsmamaJune 2, 2013

I know it generally takes a month from bloom to ripe fruit, so should be mid-June, and I know we usually see local berries around Father's Day. This is my first year harvest (planted last year and picked off the blossoms then). I have some good-sized fruit that are starting to turn color at the tips - how long to ripen once you see that? Farmer up the road said a couple of days, and with temps near 90 maybe that's so, but I haven't seen any rapid progression over the past few (hot) days. I'm wanted to have some to bring to market the last 2 weeks of June, hope they're not done by then.

Also, I posted on raspberry thread but have question - lots of rain Memorial Day weekend (starting Thurs before), I haven't watered the berries at all, the raspberries look a little wilty, the strawberries looked OK yesterday but with the heat should I water now, esp. with all the fruit? I can't really get my finger down in the soil there since strawberries are so thick.

That leads to 3rd question - should I thin the foliage a little to allow sun to hit the berries (after the heat wave passes)? I guess that depends on answer to original Q, if shade from foliage is delaying ripening for market I'll keep it on for a while but need to know when/if to remove it to get the most berries ripening at the time I need them.


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