Summer Cleft Grafting

ahgrower HorneJune 17, 2014

Hi Everyone, I have one question. In summer, around July 15-8/15,(this is the recommended time for our area because of slipping in the branches) I want to try to attempt the cleft graft. I want to do it on a Burbank plum tree and I want to attach a limb from another compatible plum tree like the Santa Rosa. My question is: Do I have to use a scion from last year? Can I just take a limb off of the Santa Rosa and use that for the cleft graft without the freezer application of a scion? Is there any grafting that can be done from one fruit tree to another in the summer season without the scion going through the refrigeration process? Thanks all! I will consider and apply your suggestions. This will be my first time grafting...thanks so much!!!

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It won't work in the summer as the scion must be dormant. Look up bud grafting, budding, or t-budding. All the same thing and its done in the summer. Basically, instead of grafting a whole branch, you just cut off a tiny piece of bark with a bud cut a slit and put the bud in to the slit and then the bud will grow in to a new branch

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ahgrower Horne

Thank ou so much jimmy21! I am going to do this with the utmost care and I will let you and all the others see the results. I appreciate this more than you will ever know. This is why I love, love, love this website. You guys are great! I feel like you are all my family in the garden!

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It also may not be best to freeze your dormant scions,ahgrower.Your second usage was right,by writing refrigeration process.Freezing could dry out the wood.33-40 degrees is optimal. Brady

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ahgrower Horne

Yes Bradybb, I meant to use the term "refrigeration process" throughout the first paragraph! LOL. After reading the many messages on this website, I understand the process of storing scions and they should never never be frozen, just moist and not dry. Anyway, are the odds pretty good at successful summer grafting stone fruit trees like peaches and plums. I know that technique and experience gives a person greater success, but I was just wondering...

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