Apple Blossom Mystery

greendreamhomeJune 25, 2014

I live in the Phoenix area. We have a baby Anna Apple tree. For those of you who don't know Anna Apples, they are made for the Phoenix climate and they bloom and have fruit early. The apples are ready in the late spring and early summer.

We were surprised that our tree produced three apples this year. When I picked the third apple I saw this: a lone blossom! Why did the tree create this flower so late in the season? Is it going to make another apple for the fall?

UPDATE: I just went outside, and there are five more!

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I see this in different apple trees in my small orchard. Later blossoms after the main bloom. Are Anna apples self pollinating or do they need another apple tree around?

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Annas are self-pollinating, but they do say that they have more fruit if they are within 50 feet of a few other types of apple trees. Our neighbors have a dozen Annas, some of which are around 50 feet away.

Do you get later fruit, too?

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I have early, mid, and late apples planted. I think it's natural for a tree to throw out a few late blossoms. Your warm weather may make the apple trees try to create more apples again in one season.

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