Are these pollinated pear buds?

canadianplantJune 20, 2013

Well, after my John pear flowered like mad this year I expected good growth from this guy, and have not been disappointed. Now, I wasnt expecting fruit, because I have never seen any pear tree within miles of my house.

I have been keeping an eye on it, and it seems the dead flowers are swelling, much like my apple did when it popped out a couple of apples last year. At first I thought it was just the way the tree is, seeing as ive never had a pear before until planting this one last year, but every day they are getting bigger.

I am wondering if this is just due to incomplete pollination, and if I should be expecting them to drop. Also, I am wondering if pears self pollinate, because all things ive read say no. Heres a pic!

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Some pears do self-pollinate.

Those may yet drop off, but you may get some pears. In a week or so, you should know.

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Ive done a bit more reading... Its had to find much info on john but I did find this from the U of Sask:

"f the spring weather is ideal, which is rare in the north, almost any tree may self-pollinate. However, to ensure good pollination it is best to grow two compatible pears,......"

The time the tree was flowering, we had pretty decent conditions. It would be nice if I managed to get one or 2 even...

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The look of the pear's stem tells a lot. The ones on the right and in the middle look to me like they're going to make it, and the one on the left looks iffy but may thicken and coarsen up like the other two.

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Thanks mark

There are some major differences between some of them. I counted around 3 dozen, about 20 of those look like they are fattning up. About 10 of those are bigger then the ones I took a pic of.

Thanks for reassuring me

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