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bruce2288June 11, 2012

After learning to leave a nurse branch on some rootstock when grafting. I will ask those of you with experience. How long should I leave the wrapping on the graft. The grafts where wrapped with a heavy rubber electrician tape. I am sure this will not degrade anytime soon. How soon to cut and remove? These were grafted about 2 months ago. Thanks

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Unless the graft really takes off like mad, I usually leave electrical tape on until mid/late summer. Some folks will wait a year. I think in part depends how many wraps you put on it. With whip and tongue I feel good taking it off pretty soon, with bark grafts I like to wait as long as possible.
Sometimes on an established rootstock or when topworking, things go faster and you can see that the tape is beginning to girdle/compress diameter at that location and it need to go sooner.

electrical tape is pretty sticky. If you put it over parafilm no problem. If you used it by itself, don't unwrap just slice it vertically and leave it alone. Often if you try to unwrap, it will pull off the new bark.

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ThANKs, it was actually self sticking rubber not black adhesive electrical tape. Recommending by maple valley orchards where I got some scions. Parafilm under.

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I have never used "splicing tape" which I believe is what your describing...but have thought about it. It is so stretchy that I would think you would have lots of time if you only used a few wraps.

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I've used regular electrical tape upside down to avoid it sticking to the bark. I don't have much experience doing so, but it seems to work. As I wrap around I overlap a little, so it sticks to the tape on top of it and seems to hold together nicely.

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