Droopy Avocado

lrn2groJune 17, 2013

Hey everyone,
I have been growing an avocado from a pit for about 6 months now and it is probably around a foot tall. However all of the leaves are drooping and sort of wrinkling and curling in. Any suggestions on what could be the reason? I figure it has something to do with overwatering. I am not totally sure how the watering schedule has been since my mother was taking care of it while I was gone for a month.

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Hi there,

I am still new to the avocado so I am a novice. When I first bought mine, i was having the same issue. Drooping and dropping leaves. It needed sunlight and less watering. I learned that they need to be in a watering schedule. Mine is in the ground and my soil is heavy clay and I water it once a week with a soaker hose until it can't hold no more.

We do need more info.

I don't know where your location? Is it in a pot or on the ground? Have you fertilized? If so, what fertilizer are you using? How often do you water it? How much sun do it get? What kind of avocado is it? Can we get some pics?


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Thanks for responding Sal. So I am in Michigan, and it is in a pot. I haven't fertilized it and I keep the soil moist. It sits in a west window, so it gets some sunlight most of the day and then direct sunlight for a couple hours in the evening. I don't know what kind of avocado it is since it was just from one a bought at the grocery. I'll try and get some pics uploaded

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Avo's don't do well inside or in pots. They don't take cold at all. Michigan would not be a good place for an avocado. Might end up being a nice indoor plant but it won't fruit.

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campv - I am not really sure the point of your comment? I am not sure what you think of Michigan, but it is regularly in the 80s and higher from now until September. Yes the winters can be cold, but I am equipped with heat and grow lights. I understand that it probably won't grow fruit and went into this project knowing that. As far as them not doing well in pots/indoors, I have found several blogs/websites that have discussed successfully growing avocados indoors in pots. More constructive criticisms would be appreciated.

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here is a picture of it

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I would say that it needs some fertilizer and sun. I was told that you have to fertilize them in Feb. and June. I use Ultragreen Citrus & Avocado Food and compost, but my tree is in the ground so the instruction would be different. Mine right now has alot of new leaves. It actually is loaded with alot of leaves, some are sunburn (Texas heat is tough). I will post a pic of mine later on today.

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Here my avocado. Its about 4 feet tall.

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