Blueberry Pruning - How do I fix it now?

Joey_BaghodoughnutsJune 14, 2012

I think I made a terrible mistake growing my blueberry bush this year. This is the first year, and I am trying to help it to get established. From everything I read, I was supposed to remove all of the flowers this year and not allow it to go to flower and berry. Before I had learned this, I allowed it to go to flower without pruning. Is there anything I can do this year or next to help it?

Should I remove all of the berries and use them to compost it, or should I allow it to go through the whole berry / dormant cycle?

Next year, should I remove the flowers like I would have this past spring?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


If your plant has lots of leaves and is growing nicely, you can leave the fruit. If the opposite is true you might want to remove at least part of the fruit.

If your bush grows nicely the rest of this year then let it fruit next year.

The key to getting growth is regular nitrogen fertilizer, proper pH, and moist soil. There has been plenty discussed about this in the past. You can find that info using the search function.

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Thanks for the help, fruitnut. I think I'm going to let it fruit for the rest of the season, as it has a lot of beautiful new foliage. Now I just need to keep the birds off of it with some wildlife-friendly netting.

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