Raspberry Druplet Problem

bob6831(Z5 NY Dutchess)June 13, 2012


Have had a problem with brown druplets on my raspberrys for several years now.

It seems to be more prevalent on the red raspberrys (don't know variety, is what we used to call red-caps). It shows up on about 50% of the new berries. As the season progresses, it may go down to only 10-20% of the berries.

On the black raspberries, it starts at about 10% of the berries and goes down to about 5%.

Doesn't seem to be any consistent condition leading to the problem. Happens on canes with good sunlight and bad.

Have couple of pics.

Would appreciate any help in identifying the problem and possible solutions.

Note that someone in earlier forum thought it was a UV problem.




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Were the bad druplets first white or pale before turning brown or shriveling? Did you check both day and night for insects on the fruit?

Your described percentages and timing is typical of UV sunlight damage. It can happen on berry clusters that are largely shaded or facing north, but is more prevalent on south or west-oriented fruit.

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bob6831(Z5 NY Dutchess)

Hi Larry.
Unfortunately it appears to happen with raspberries facing any direction.
I have not checked for bugs at night.
btw - were you able to see my pictures?

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Yes, I reviewed the pictures.

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