Triple crown blackberry flavor vs wild blackberries

rigelcaj(z5 VT)June 21, 2013

I have a couple of triple crown blackberry bushes, planted a couple of years ago. Last year was the first year they produced berries. They were gorgeous - huge and shiny - but were very bland, like the berries decorating mousses in fancy bakeries. By contrast, my wild blackberries are about 1/2 the size, but taste wonderful.

Dare I hope that the TCs didn't produce their best berries because they're babies? If bland berries are the best they can do, they're out.


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I have Triple Crown, Apache and Navaho and the TC makes the most perfect berries and they are earlier than all the others but they are not very sweet. They aren't bland, just kinda sour. They work well when cooking (when you add sugar to them). The Navaho has the best eat-it-in-the-field flavor and the berries are very large - but they always have some voids on them (poor pollination) and often some botrytis too.

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Triple Crown get very sweet. It sounds like you are picking them too early.

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