kaolin for apple maggot

creekweb(6,7)June 13, 2012

Has anyone here growing apples in an area with fairly high apple maggot pressure tried using kaolin without concurrent synthetic insecticides (not counting early season sprays)? I'd be interested in learning about both successful and unsuccessful experiences.

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Okay, too restrictive a question. How about has anyone had experience using Surround for apple maggot and if so how did things go. I have a nice healthy crop of apples hanging on my trees right now, apple maggots are due to visit soon, and I don't want to use synthetic pesticides right now, but my confidence level for the clay doing the job is not running very high. Too many apples, too high to bag.

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We use surround early in the season, and there is often still substantial residue when AMF hit, but by that point we have stopped regular coverage.

Our pressure is moderate most years, although I see substantial damage in neighboring unmanaged/feral trees.

I think lots of red sticky spheres, and thorough cleanup of drops accounts for our lack of damage on the property.

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