Cherry Tree Graph Dead

tkhooper(7)June 22, 2012

I know it looks like the branches are leafing out but they aren't those are all dead.

Now I did try to dig it up but the root stock is still healthy and it's not letting go. Any suggestions would be welcome. I don't know how I let the garden go so badly except to say that depression really takes a toll on me.

I'd like to have the space available for another Cherry Tree to polinate the one that survived. Can anyone tell me what I'm up against? I have the trees lining my driveway so it's not like I can move it without damaging the look of the drive.

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Prune to one vigorous root shoot and graft a desirable cultivar to it this summer (bud or cleft graft) or next spring (cleft, whip and tongue, bark, or similar). You should see good growth from the new cultivar next year whichever way you choose to go. Or, remove the whole thing (what doesn't come out readily can be cut off and left behind) and put a new one in its place. The look of the drive will recover. It is all, after all, a work in progress and always will be. That's one of its charms.

I know what you mean about depression taking a toll on a person, but fruit trees and gardening are a good place to be when that happens. Keep on keeping on.



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thanks Mark.

Can you suggest a good cultivar for a dark sweet cherry? And where do i find a graft?

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